Selected and roasted with care

Redback Specialty Coffee


Concepts, Branding, Creative Direction, Styleguide, Collaterals, Packaging Design, Marketing Materials, Exhibition Setup, (Website Design and Programming)


"Redback is a specialty coffee roaster that is passionate about delivering exceptional coffees to our customers. We have a constant and unrelenting focus on selecting, blending and craft roasting the world’s most exceptional coffees. Scottie Callaghan directs Redback’s craft roasting and coffee operations. He has researched, selected, cupped, blended, measured and carefully roasted coffee for the last 10 years. These are his coffees, and he stands behind their quality and blend stability."


The founders of Redback Specialty Coffee have a persistent enthusiasm that would like to translate into their emerging coffee brand. Handpicking the finest coffee beans around the world and roasting with passion, Redback is achieving to be the synonym of high-quality specialty coffee. Partially adapting the idiosyncratic pattern from redback spider, the brand literally owns a distinctive visual identity among its competitors. It was also armed with a range of packaging design, collaterals and marketing materials.

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