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Brand Name Creation, Concepts, Branding, Styleguide, Collaterals, Exhibition Setup 

Brief & Outcomes 

With 20-year experience in serving high-quality Belgium confectionery to businesses of airlines, hospitality and corporates, Multizen would like to extend its B2B service with a new brand as a signature in the industry. Under in-depth probe into the essence of curating chocolate, couverture was in exposure - a word which unfolds the finest layer of Belgium chocolate and expatiates upon Couverture's attentive one-stop solution. The brand, officially launched in Hong Kong annual B2B catering event HOFEX, was jazzed up with delicate ranges of packaging and enticing confectionery.

Couverture by Multizen is one of the commissioned assignments during my employment at iPulse Design, who has the ownership of the visual contents. The showcase here is only for personal use. No copyright infringement intended.