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clarity/smart energy


Concepts, Branding, Creative Direction, Styleguide, Collaterals, Packaging Design,  Marketing and Sales Materials, (Website Design and Programming)


"clarity/smart energy gives you a clear choice: highly useful natural products developed for today’s uncompromising lifestyle. clarity/smart energy™ is a vitamin enriched all natural energy drink in two flavours in a shape and form convenient for consumption at any place, at any time - no refrigeration required."

Brief & OutcomeS

The founder of clarity/smart energy™ always has a strong belief with their products. Being manufactured from New Zealand, this emerging energy beverage launched in Hong Kong in September, 2015 to freshen up the metropolitan lifestyle. Credited to its natural ingredients, clarity sought a minimalistic brand image to echo with their vision of healthy and vigorous city lifestyle. A clean and sleek logo had developed with two core colour palettes to run across packaging, digital media and marketing materials. As the leading concept behind the brand identity, the engaging visuals corresponded to 5 suggested city lifestyles also effectively communicate to consumers, who can easily resonant to the products and answer their bodies' needs. 

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In situ photos courtesy of Anastasia Darsono. 

clarity/smart energy is one of the commissioned assignments during my employment at iPulse Design, who has the ownership of the visual contents. The showcase here is only for personal use. No copyright infringement intended.