Lucas Yeung, born and bred in the metropolis Hong Kong, has shaped his aesthetics that is true to himself as a visual artist, who ever seeks representational elucidation to visually express sophistication. 

Sharing exclusive aesthetics and viewpoints, Lucas' design disciplines meet his artistic manifesto, as stated above, to achieve promising and distinctive design outcomes to celebrate quality and lifestyle. The disciplines that he has amassed comprise art direction, branding, publishing, editorial design, graphics, photography, fashion & lifestyle contexts, as well as translation.

He accomplished an undergraduate degree at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, earning a bachelor degree in English and a minor in Translation, before moving forward to achieve a Master in Communication Design at Norwich University of the Arts. 

Lucas has been gathering exposure in a wider spectrum of fields. His previous work experience at GHC Asia, a Hong Kong luxury and lifestyle PR firm, and cultural exchange programmes in Australia and India have equipped himself as a forward thinking individual with global outlook.

Lucas' vision has been turning into reality. In the past two and a half years, he spent his time working at a British-run design agency to further expand his breadth and contemplate conceptual design ideas through a wide range of exciting projects, to get his hands on creating brands and directing visual contents. 

Everyone has multiple roles. So does Lucas, who not just documents, but manifests. Aside from being a graphic designer, Lucas is also a fresh blogger writing fashion reviews and style on Lucasphere, an arena to explicate his stances on trends and pivotal industry happenings. By probing into every stimulating artistic notion from each designer, he perceives how designers conceptualise their ideas through exquisite craftsmanship and how the seasonal motif consistently relates to identity, as well as humanity and social settings. Writing commentary is highly cerebral to further cultivate Lucas' aesthetics, alongside training his critical thinking upon series of occurrences in one of the greatest design territories.

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